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EJWP empowers young professionals with knowledge, skills and networks for water management.

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    Connected, insightful water leadership in Europe is increasingly vital in adapting to climate impacts, new circular economies, digitalisation and a more diverse labour market. We know that water and climate change impacts do not recognise political boundaries.

    Young water professionals are key to future adaptation – and we support their development! Are you ready to invest in the collaborative strength of future water resources? See how our tailored programme can help junior water-sector personnel build key skills to accompany technical expertise in water management for resilient cities, agriculture and industry.

    EJWP 3 pillars of development:

    • Knowledge creation and transfer: masterclasses on European policies, water technology and innovations, and primary water challenges — including local water projects of participating organizations.
    • European network opportunities through EJWP community building: integration in Water Europe, EJWP Ambassadors, and event participation.
    • Personal and professional skills development in international teams: emphasis on cultural awareness and diversity in project exercises.

    Surf the Waves of New Opportunities! The European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) connects young European water management professionals (2 – 10 years of experience / <40 years-old) with skills to manage emerging water and climate challenges. Our participants build capacities to co-create and implement projects for resilient water management.

    Through an integrated 2-year, part-time programme, EJWP enables development of key skills for the future, such as: network building, communication & diversity, technical advancements and more – to empower water-sector careers and their social contributions. EJWP development activities take place along with participants’ continued work in their current positions.

    EJWP’s trainers provide specialised guidance:

    • Personal & communication development
    • Co-creation strategies and evaluation
    • Project and self management
    • Leadership and pro-active strategies
    • Future century skills for sustainability

    Benefits for organizations

    • Leadership skills empower junior staff to be new water leaders.
    • Enhances diversity awareness and creates a European network.
    • Cost-efficient and professional training.
    • Innovative solutions for your water challenges.

    How to start – for organizations

    • Join a presentation for organizations, and contact us for more info.
    • Identify your employees who will benefit from the programme.
    • Schedule an intake call to explore next steps.
    • Sounds good? Let’s start!

    Benefits for young professionals

    • Build valuable networks in the European water sector.
    • Develop diverse water communication skills.
    • Co-create innovative water solutions with peers.
    • Bridge the gap between technical capabilities with human skills.

    How to start – for young professionals

    • Join a presentation / Q&A session, and contact us for more info.
    • Send in your CV and motivation letter.
    • Schedule an intake call with us and your organization.
    • Sounds good? Let’s start!


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