The Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad (UNSPMF) was founded in 1969, and is composed out of 5 Departments (Chemistry, biochemistry and environmental protection; Biology and ecology; Physics; Mathematics and computer science; Geography, Tourism and hotel management) where a solid base of teaching and research across a wide spectrum of science is conducted. At UNSPMF various international and national projects are managed and implemented, with strong and strategic orientation towards EU programs (H2020; Interreg IPA; Transnational Programmes; Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2). The research strategy is directed towards internationalization of education and research, boosting human resources and capacity building, and increasing overall institutional excellence.
At UNSPMF, the Chair of the Chemical Technology and Environmental Protection is carrying out educational and scientific activities related to the field of chemistry and environmental protection for both UNSPMF students and wider population through life-long learning activities. Scientific activities are oriented towards aquatic ecosystem pollution and water treatment through project participation (FP5, FP6, EUREKA, COST, IPA, TEMPUS, ERASMUS+). Cooperation with industry is an important segment of the Chair’s work, which is realized through: consulting services – we provide expert support in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Studies; the Feasibility Study; obtaining an Integrated Environmental Permit in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Serbia (IPPC); remediation of contaminated sites; reaching the Emission Limit Value for wastewater; drinking water, wastewater and solid waste treatment.

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