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    The European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) is the flagship programme and official trade name of H20-People. H20-People became active in the public sphere with EJWP in 2019. At the moment H2O-People has two glafship programmes: the European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) and Blue Innovation Track for Advanced Water Leaders, and supports multiple European collaboration projects and innitiatives.


    The H2O-People mission is to support water people, their organizations, their projects, and other collaborations with key specialties for succes. Our services empower water professionals to apply their complete skill sets to establish a water-smart sociert, from knowledge transfer and creation, to communication and leadership – combined to create impact through social innovation.

    Therefore H2O-People develops and implements unique programmes, through utilitzing the power of social design and collaborates in projects on human capital development throughout the European Water ecosystem.

    The services of H2O-People include:

    Contact us if your organisation will benefit from tools to create tangible results t with our dynamic community of human-centric approach. More information on our dedicated website and H2O-People Flyer.

    Our philosophy

    Empowering people not only for technical solutions, but also reinforcing human elements of partnerships for social innovation in the water and environmental sector.

    Our programme participants develop a broader scope of professional and personal opportunities, leading to positive impacts in their engagement with organisations that are committed to a better living environment. H20-People structures interaction with participants to create a space for further inspiring exchanges among trainers and the program designers. We apply personalised approaches and follow-up in a commitment to target results. An eye for synergies is developed through pairing the right people with the right expertise to broaden the scope of development.

    We believe in operational partnerships with our participants, and from this connectivity comes a more real potential for participants to contribute to their communities. Our expertise centers on programs that highlight links between the content of participants’ work within the physical environment, to identify optimum paths for projects and personal development.

    Contact us!

    Do you want to create a specific programme for your organisation, project or other collaboration? Get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

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      EJWP Team

      EJWP Ambassadors

      Richard Elelman

      Head of Politics, Eurecat – Centro Tecnológico de Catalunya and
      Acting Coordinator of the WWQA – UNEP
      Ambassador since 2020

      Marielle van der Zouwen

      Deputy director and management team KWR Water Research Institute, Head of Sustainability & Transitions Group
      Ambassador since 2020

      Veronica Manfredi

      Director for Zero Pollution and Green Cities
      Ambassador since 2020

      Chrysi Laspidou

      Professor-Civil Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece;
      Vice President of Research and Technology–Water Europe;
      Member of the WEF Nexus Steering Committee at Future Earth
      Ambassador since 2021

      Maria Cristina Pasi

      Founder & Managing Director Izar; Sustainability & Innovation Certified specialist
      Ambassador since 2023

      Professor Dr. Phoebe Koundouri

      Professor in Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and Denmark Technical University (DTU); Head SDU ATHENA RC; Chair UN SDSN Global Climate Hub & SDSN Europe, President EAERE
      Ambassador since 2022

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      Client: EcoPeace Period of Project: Jan - June 2023 Participants: EJWP3 & 4: Maureen Walschot, Mirela Sertic Peric, Thibault Moreels, Hetty KleinJan, Vesna Beljak Gulin, Aleksandra Kulic Mandic and Agnieszka Cuprys Project Description The overall objective of the EcoPeace’s Master Plan for Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley is to promote peace, prosperity and security in the area and the adjacent regions. Given that so many of the interim interventions are implementable today, under the current geopolitical situation, investment in these interventions can help solidify the overarch…

      EcoPeace Middle East Is A Unique Organization That Brings Together Jordanian, Palestinian And Israeli Environmentalists. EcoPeaces’ Primary Objective Is The Promotion Of Cooperative Efforts To Protect Our Shared Environmental Heritage. In So Doing, We Seek To Advance Both Sustainable Regional Development And The Creation Of Necessary Conditions For Lasting Peace In Our Region. EcoPeace Has Offices In Amman, Ramallah, And Tel-Aviv. EcoPeaces’ vision is a sustainable and prosperous Middle East EcoPeaces’ mission is to create regional integration, sustainable management and water …

      The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NorwegianNorges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitetNMBU) is a public university located in ÅsNorway. It is located at Ås in 

      The Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad (UNSPMF) was founded in 1969, and is composed out of 5 Departments (Chemistry, biochemistry and environmental protection; Biology and ecology; Physics; Mathematics and computer science; Geography, Tourism and hotel management) where a solid base of teaching and research across a wide spectrum of science is conducted. At UNSPMF various international and national projects are managed and implemented, with strong and strategic orientation towards EU programs (H2020; Interreg IPA; Transnational Programmes; Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2). The rese…

      DECHEMA is the expert network for chemical engineering and biotechnology in Germany. As a non-profit professional society we represent these fields in science, industry, politics and the general public. DECHEMA promotes scientific and technical exchange among experts from different disciplines, organisations and generations. We consolidate the know-how of over 5,800 individual and sustaining members.…

      CEBEDEAU, established in 1947, is an independent Research and Expertise Center for Water located in Liège, Belgium, with a long-standing track-record in water treatment (drinking water, municipal and industrial wastewater…). We provide services for industry, public sector and academia, that cover whole water chain from sampling and analysis towards data processing and process feedback. Our main mission is to provide concrete and innovative solutions to the various challenges related to water sustainability, doing so via a combination of applied sciences (environmental microbiol…
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