Maria Cristina Pasi

Category: Ambassador

Founder & Managing Director Izar; Sustainability & Innovation Certified specialist;

Maria Cristina is a qualified expert in habilitating industrial technologies for the European Innovation Council EIC and Finlombarda and Scientific Expert in Competitive Industrial Research for the MIUR, the Italian Ministry of University and Research. In 2022 she qualified as Master in Sustainability Leadership at the Imperial Business School in London. And in 2012, she founded a Consulting firm, Izar, operating internationally with Industries, Academies and public institutions towards a sustainable and equality-based Accountable Growth. Maria Cristina holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Università degli Studi di Pavia, Italy, she is qualified as MSc in photochemistry at the University of Kent, England, and holds a master’s in Innovation Management and Economics and Business International Management.

In 2022 Maria Cristina invited EJWP to Lombardia region for a regional inniative within European collaboration. As some southern parts of Europe hold potential but still lack a number of opportunities for young engagement in the development of sector skills. In January 2023 EJWP groups 3 and 4 were in Milan, Italy and invited Maria Cristina in person to become their Ambassador. Which she proudly and exited accepted.

“The training week was a fantastic experience, a learning experience not only for juniors actually. Experiencing together is a unique way to overcome barriers, accelerate the individual, organizations and European territorial progress from human capital and other perspectives.  This was a confirmation for me as I have always believed in this way of management and behavior. The dynamics between the macro and micro topics’ approach during EJWP workshops sessions is relevant. This is useful indeed also with the mixture of small and big industries which activates enriching human development paths. My initial idea for EJWP was to observe as an outsider, but being part at 100% level was a good decision!” said Maria Cristina.



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