Veronica Manfredi

Category: Ambassador
Tags: Water Governance

Director, Director for Zero Pollution and Green Cities, DG Environment
European Commission

We all sense that we are managing an extremely unstable phase of mankind evolution, a phase with a lot of geopolitical challenges, which, if not properly managed, can turn into the worst. We all at times are scared by the huge size of the challenges ahead and wonder whether we will manage to help steer the deep and transformative changes needed for our societies, for our economies. But deep down, when I face these thoughts, I look at my daughter, I look at people like you and I think: yes, we will. (Mrs Manfredi in conversation with young water professionals)

Veronica Manfredi is the Director for Quality of Life in DG Environment since February 2018.

The Directorate plays a pivotal role in leading Europe towards a Zero-Pollution ambition and contributes to tackle the Climate and Biodiversity crisis, as well as to the transition to a Cleaner and Circular Economy, also through enhanced water efficiency.

Veronica and her team are responsible for key EU policies for Clean and Well-Managed Water (including the protection of EU Freshwater and Marine environments, water reuse, prevention from Floods, compliance with high health standards for Drinking Water), Clean Air, control on Industrial Emissions and prevention of Industrial Accidents.

Internationally, her team provides steady support to the work of the four Regional Sea Conventions (notably the HELCOM – Baltic Sea, OSPAR – North Atlantic Sea, Barcelona – Mediterranean Sea, and the Bucharest Conventions – Black Sea) and the International Commissions for the Protection of the Rhine and Danube rivers. For the period 2020-2022, Veronica is the President of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine on behalf of the EU.

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