Richard Elelman

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Working in the water sector shouldn’t be just a job, it should be a calling.

Richard Elelman studied Politics in the UK before living in France, Spain, Portugal, Sudan, the Middle East and India. A former teacher, journalist, actor and director of theatre, he is currently Head of Politics at EURECAT, and is the founder and Director General of the Network for Water in European Regions and Cities, NETWERC H2O.  The former Deputy Mayor of Figueres, he is a political analyst who has, in recent years, specialised in Environmental and Scientific Policy and the links between Politics, the world of Research and Development and Citizen Engagement. He works in collaboration with many supranational organisations such as the UN Environment Programme, (as the leader of the Social Engagement Programme of the World Water Quality Alliance) The OECD Smart Cities Committee, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission as an External Expert (for whom he is co-leading the establishment of the RENAISSANCE approach to Science-Culture-Sustainability) and the Union for the Mediterranean (Water-Employment-Migration Group). A Director of Water Europe and a member of the Steering Group of EIP WATER, he is currently writing two books on the WEFE NEXUS (for the European Commission) and Climate Change, Migration and Gender Equality (for UNEP).

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