Marielle van der Zouwen

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Mariëlle is part of the management team of water research institute KWR in the Netherlands and leads the Sustainability & Transitions group. With the research, communication, human resources and informatics experts in the group, she gives shape to KWR’s motto ‘bridging science to practice’, both nationally and internationally and ranging from short-term to medium and long-term perspectives on water sector and research challenges. This is done in applied research programmes, learning alliances and initiatives, such as the joint water research programme for Dutch and Flemish water utilities, the Dutch Water Sector Intelligence initiative and the international, operationally-oriented platform Watershare. Co-production in programmes and projects by both water managers and water researchers is key in these initiatives.

Mariëlle serves on the boards of Water Europe, the Global Water Research Coalition and the Aqua Research Collaboration and the foundation board of the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre. She has a background in academia and applied research. She previously worked on governance research at Wageningen University, research institute Alterra and Radboud University in the Netherlands. She holds a MA and PhD in political sciences of the environment.

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