Charting a Sustainable Future: Insights from WatNex’s Croatian Journey

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In the second quarter of the WatNex initiative, spanning from July 1 to September 30, 2023, the WatNex team diligently conducted research for the first case study, centered on the Croatian context, referred to as “Case study 1.” This comprehensive research unfolded from June through September 2023 and resulted in case study deliverables presented during the Croatian Week, held from September 25 to September 29, 2023.

The Croatian case study research involved concerted efforts by the WatNex core team members. Weekly online meetings within the collaborative WatNex platform, featuring three Masterclasses designed for knowledge enhancement, laid the groundwork for crafting a comprehensive report for the Croatian case study, documented in the deliverable titled “Prospects for Ecological Station Vrlika – Business Plan and Recommendations for Increasing its Visibility and Sustainability.” This deliverable was disseminated to the leadership of the Ecological Station Vrlika during the Croatian Week, showcasing the culmination of the research.

Croatian Week within the WatNex initiative featured diverse activities and networking opportunities. Events included networking sessions with leaders from other European projects (i.e., iMERMAID EU, NexusNet COST Action CA20138), a presentation of WatNex findings to a broader audience, and professional skills development training at the Ecological Station Vrlika.

During Croatian Week, the WatNex team also initiated the groundwork for the second case study, focusing on the Norwegian context, referred to as “Case study 2 – Norwegian Case Study,” under the facilitation of EJWP.

Bilateral initiative Empowering the Water-Energy-Food Nexus by incorporating biodiversity and climate awareness (WatNex) is financed through the Fund for Bilateral Relations of EEA Grants and Norway Grants.

More on the case study:
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