Towards an Impactful NEXUS Project: EJWP3&4 project wiith NEXUSNET

Period of Project: Sept – Dec 2022
Participants: EJWP3 & 4: Dimitris Kofinas, Nikos Mellios, Maureen Walschot, Mirela Sertic Peric, Thibault Moreels, Hetty KleinJan, Vesna Beljak Gulin, Aleksandra Kulic Mandic and Agnieszka Cuprys

Project Description

Urbanization, population growth, climate change, and other anthropogenic stresses create a need for a more integrated approach towards the use of resources. The Water-Energy-Food Nexus is a holistic approach for resources management that takes into account the profound and hidden interlinkages between the water, energy and food systems, aiming towards a more sustainable paradigm. NEXUSNET is a COST Action that aims at creating a network of researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to bring the nexus thinking forward. UTH initiated the Action, Dimitris, Nikos and Naomi are co-leading and leading working groups (WG1, 2 and 5, respectively). 

A NEXUSNET problem is that we need to assess the success of Nexus activities, what makes a Nexus project and case study successful, in the past, now and in the future. Boundary of the project would be the external view of successfulness of the project, which means that we are only looking into the view of proposal reviewers and project officers. 

Assignment and constraints

We will do interviews of nexus proposal reviewers and project officers to gain their perspective on what the needs, gaps, criteria, KPIs of Nexus projects are, including case studies. Part of the project will be the execution of a workshop, at the side of the second NEXUSNET management committee, on the view of the nexus community on the EJWP3 findings. The project result is the execution of the interviews, the execution of the workshop, and a recommendation on how the nexus community should move forward. 


To achieve their project goals, EJWP participants conducted: (01.) a workshop during the NEXUSNET Annual Meeting in September 2022 in Athens, Greece; and (02.) interviews with available members of the NEXUSNET community to get their perspectives on the needs, gaps, criteria, and key performance indicators of NEXUS projects.

Check out the deliverable here EJWP_Nexus_project.

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