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EcoPeace Middle East Is A Unique Organization That Brings Together Jordanian, Palestinian And Israeli Environmentalists.
EcoPeaces’ Primary Objective Is The Promotion Of Cooperative Efforts To Protect Our Shared Environmental Heritage. In So Doing, We Seek To Advance Both Sustainable Regional Development And The Creation Of Necessary Conditions For Lasting Peace In Our Region. EcoPeace Has Offices In Amman, Ramallah, And Tel-Aviv.
EcoPeaces’ vision is a sustainable and prosperous Middle East
EcoPeaces’ mission is to create regional integration, sustainable management and water security.

Water is at the center of an environmental crisis in the Middle East. In the most water-scarce region on the planet, climate change and conflict have made a problematic situation even more desperate. Water can be a source of either conflict or collaboration. At EcoPeace, we believe real change is possible when we all work together. So we bring together Jordanians, Palestinians, and Israelis to create shared solutions, taking a bottom-up approach to educate local constituents, as well as a top-down approach to advance vital policies. The good news is that it’s working! Students are coming together across borders, leaders are taking action and real progress is being made.

Through the collaboration with EJWP EcoPeace hopes that EJWP will collect and update water pollutants data of the Jordan river that will be used in advocacy processes with the Israeli and Jordanian governments.

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