Water Footprint Implementation

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Water footprints (developed by Arjen Hoekstra in 2002) can be calculated for an individual person, a process, a product’s entire value chain or for a business, a river basin or a nation. They provide powerful insights for businesses to understand their water-related business risk, for governments to understand the role of water in their economy and water dependency, and for consumers to know how much water is hidden in the products they use. Most importantly, they help drive strategic action toward sustainable, efficient and equitable water use.

Water Footprint Implementation takes the final step towards the implementation of the response strategies in order to increase the overall efficiency of the water use. Using the Water Footprint assessment, we can provide a complete overview of the goals and scope definition, the accounting, the sustainability assessment, and the response formulation.
The strategies can range from investing in better technology to enable more efficient use and minimize losses, to the implementation of governance infrastructures to improve the long-term water use sustainability at the catchment or at the river basin level.
The cooperation with our associates, with integrated water resources management and technological expertise, enables us to provide the most practical and suitable implementation strategy.

To reach this goal Water Footprint Implementation proudly support the European Junior Water Programme in Europe with knowledge to develop the programme and deliver Masterclasses. We are also proud that Ioana will participate in the programme.

Ioana Dobrescu (EJWP1)

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