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H2O-People develops and executes programmes for personal development for personnel in de water sector. In which we work on the development and implementation of unique programs aimed at development, connection and cooperation of talent = natural quality and potential (in all phases of your life).

Participating professionals in our programs have developed a broader scope in the field, the various organizations, the other and themselves and he / she is able to be as effective in behaviour and organizations that are committed to a better living environment.

We strive for an overarching of existing initiatives and concepts, and the scope for the development of new stories. The personal attention, commitment and expertise are paramount. Where not only the interaction with our participants is central, but also offers space for an inspiring interaction between trainers and program office. We believe in partnership with our participants, and from connectedness creates a nicer living environment. Programs that focus on the link between the content of the work within the physical environment, the projects and personal development is our expertise.

We are proud developer and executor of our flagship programme: the European Junior Water Programme led by Naomi Timmer.


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