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Delfland is a regional water authority, who is responsible for the treatment of wastewater and the water quality and quantity of the water system in the most densely populated area of the Netherlands. Delfland needs to do this task while the world around Delfland is changing. Therefore, Delfland is cooperating in different collaborations to stay connected to this development.

Delfland is participating in the European Junior Water Program, because it gives participants the opportunity to further develop her skills and experiences of working in the water sector. They can connect with other organizations and water professionals to exchange knowledge and experiences. Besides, they can learn more about the water management in other parts of Europe. These learning experiences can be reflected and shared with Delfland. While it is a unique opportunity for the individual participants, it also helps Delfland to stay connected with the developments in the European water sector.

Participants of Delfland:

Merel Mostert (EJWP2)

Mathilde de Jongh (EJWP1)

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