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You are an experienced and capable leader in your sector. And are you really prepared to reach the next levels of leadership innovation and adaptation to lead in an uncertain future of natural resources?   H2O-People is proud to introduce the new future-focused development initiative designed for advanced leaders of water and environmental organizations. Blue Innovation Track for Advanced Water Leaders

Hi everyone, my name is Hetty KleinJan and I am a young water professional specialized in aquatic microbiology. I have a particular interest in water quality and the surveillance thereof with innovative monitoring technologies. You might say that the road to join the EJWP4, did commence after I obtained my doctorate in Marine Biology in 2018. At that time, I felt the need to change towards a role with a more direct impact on the protection of water resources. So, luckily enough, I found a position as a R&D researcher at the CEBEDEAU, a research and expertise canter for water located in Wallonia, Belgium, with a long-standing expertise in water treatment (drinking water, municipal and ind…

Since the beginning of high school, I was fascinated by the complexity of chemistry, especially its interconnection with surrounding molecules and living organisms. To better understand these interactions, I ended up taking biotechnology at Gdansk University of Technology (Poland), where my scientific journey began. The engineering approach of the university helped me to see the simplicity of biochemical complexity. Answering the questions “what”, “how” or “why”, while analyzing biomolecules' behavior and dependency, felt like conducting a criminal investigation. I decided to use my acquired knowledge to fight with known or new civilization diseases. Hence, pharmaceutical biotechnology becam…

My name is Vesna and I am currently a PhD student in the final stages of the journey. At the same time, I am a full-time employee at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, where I work as a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, Division of Zoology. My daily work includes preparing and giving practical lectures on protists and invertebrates to students and very often juggling in the lab, followed by many hours of working on the data obtained. In the spring, I acctually leave my lab to collect samples in the real world, where I enjoy …

Hi, my name is Thibault Moreels. I joined De Watergroep as a hydraulic engineer after my studies of Civil Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels. I am responsible for building network models using specific software. Our models cover the whole transportation network of De Watergroep. We calibrate these computational models with the help of live data from embedded pressure sensors and flow meters. This ensures accurate calculations. The purpose of these models is to determine optimal pipe sizes, pumping stations specifications and reservoir capacities to use materials and energy in the most efficient way. I’ve had the opportunity to take part in several international programs includ…
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