Meet Leo Mensel, EJWP 5 Participant

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Leo Mensel is a participant in the 5th EJWP group. Leo is a Project Officer at the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA). In their work, Leo is looking for creative ways to involve the public in research processes and to ensure better access to scientific findings.

Leo holds a LLM Masters Degree in International Environmental Law obtained at Uppsala University, the Eastern University of Finland, as well as the Arctic University of Tromso. During and after their studies, Leo has taken part in a variety of volunteer projects, allowing them to better understand the concerns and knowledge of the local population. This experience has also shown them the gravity of false information being shared due to a limited understanding of research methodologies. Working at ECSA allows Leo to bridge the gap between the academic bubble and the general public. Combining their interest in Environmental Justice and legal philosophy, Leo is well-equipped to contribute valuable insights from a socio-legal standpoint.

Coming from the coastal town of Bremerhaven, Leo has a genuine affinity for maritime protection and is looking forward to working on the issue of chemical pollution in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the iMERMAID project.

Photo credit: European Citizen Science Association website

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