“Future Impacts of Climate Change on Inland Bathing Water”: EJWP2 project with the Delfland Water Authority, Netherlands

AuthoritiesClimate ChangeWater Quality

Client: The Delfland, The Netherlands

EJWP2: September-December 2021

Participants: Merel Mostert, Andres Lucht, Borko Radivojevic, Manon Berge, Benjamin Hermans, Rasha Hassan

We all focused on an area that was pretty new for us, this is what makes EJWP so interesting – pushing boundaries!” These how Merel Mostert, EJWP2 participant working at the Delfland, reflected on this experience as the project manager.

Project Description

Maintaining a good quality bathing water represents a grand challenge for the future in the EU. Climate change impacts along with the complex interactions of socio-economic factors in The Netherlands were the focus of EJWP2 project for Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland.


Three main questions were explored during the three- month project:

– How is the EU Directive for bathing water quality of inland waters transferred to European countries with a focus on Germany, Spain, and Serbia?
– In what way will climate change have an impact on the bathing locations of inland waters, regarding the aspect of water quality as well as the societal needs for bathing locations?
-What are the differences between the Dutch situation and the other participating countries?


The final points that were delivered by EJWP2 on this topic were:
– Cyanobacteria and other pathogens will find better conditions to survive. Floods will cause new peaks of some microorganisms. These facts indicate the need for further water tests and upgrading the water quality standards.
– Start with pollution prevention and setting mitigation methods to save and stabilize water quality.
– Raise awareness among public, and create a better political environment for action.

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