“Mapping Water Pollutants in Jordan Valley”: EJWP3 & 4 Project with EcoPeace, Israel

Client: EcoPeace
Period of Project: Jan – June 2023
Participants: EJWP3 & 4: Maureen Walschot, Mirela Sertic Peric, Thibault Moreels, Hetty KleinJan, Vesna Beljak Gulin, Aleksandra Kulic Mandic and Agnieszka Cuprys

Project Description

The overall objective of the EcoPeace’s Master Plan for Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley is to promote peace, prosperity and security in the area and the adjacent regions. Given that so many of the interim interventions are implementable today, under the current geopolitical situation, investment in these interventions can help solidify the overarching objective of the NGO master plan, advancing regional cooperation towards the two-state solution and regional integration. Investment in the Jordan Valley presents itself as a priority area for donor states and the international community, as the investment seeks to bring returns that are greater than just developmental in nature.

EcoPeace is updating its Master Plan in order to submit a funding proposal for water treatment plants for the region to international actors. In this context, EJWP Group 3-4 are collaborating with EcoPeace to collect and map out data regarding water pollutants of the Jordan Valley from the Jordanian side, as the NGO has already updated its data on the Israeli and Palestinian sides. At a time when few opportunities appear on the horizon of Middle East peace making, EJWP will contribute to EcoPeace’s effort to invest in the Jordan Valley which represents a relative low hanging fruit that needs to be advanced promptly.

The result of the project running from Jan – June 2023 will be a map with a visualization of water pollutants in the Jordan Valley, to support the funding request for the creation of joined Waste Water Treatment Plants.

The project also supports regional understanding and collaboration options of the EJWP participants and supporting partners in the project.  The project can also serve as an introduction in cross-boundary water management, raising awareness for integrated approach of environmental and social impact methodologies.

Outcomes will be openly shared with partners and stakeholders in visual attractive maps and articles as well in a Collaborative Workshop organized within the EJWP Training Week in Tel Aviv, 11-15 June 2023.

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