New EJWP beyond Europe Collaboration with EcoPeace, Israel

We are proud to present the first EJWP beyond Europe collaboration! Through EJWP3 participant Maureen Walschot EJWP collaboration with EcoPeace started this winter. In January we not only launched the opportunity of visiting Israel in the June training week, we also kicked off the project collaboration on Mapping Water Pollutants in Jordan Valley. With the collaboration, EcoPeace hopes that EJWP will collect and update water pollutants data of the Jordan river that will be used in advocacy processes with the Israeli and Jordanian governments. At the same time for EJWP it is a great opportunity to create a better understanding of Cross Boundary Water Management under pressure.

The overall objective of the EcoPeace’s Master Plan for Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley is to promote peace, prosperity and security in the area and the adjacent regions. In this context, EJWP are collaborating with EcoPeace to collect and map out data regarding water pollutants of the Jordan Valley from the Jordanian side.

The result of the project running from Jan – June 2023 will be a map with a visualization of water pollutants in the Jordan Valley, to support the funding request for the creation of joined Waste Water Treatment Plants. Outcomes will be openly shared with partners and stakeholders in visual attractive maps and articles as well in a Collaborative Workshop organized within the EJWP Training Week in Tel Aviv, 11-15 June 2023.

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