Meet Thibault with De Watergroep, New Registrant for EJWP4 in Fall 2022


Hi, my name is Thibault Moreels. I joined De Watergroep as a hydraulic engineer after my studies of Civil Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels. I am responsible for building network models using specific software. Our models cover the whole transportation network of De Watergroep. We calibrate these computational models with the help of live data from embedded pressure sensors and flow meters. This ensures accurate calculations. The purpose of these models is to determine optimal pipe sizes, pumping stations specifications and reservoir capacities to use materials and energy in the most efficient way.

I’ve had the opportunity to take part in several international programs including the Model European Parliament and the IAESTE program for worldwide traineeships. The wonderful experiences made me eager to apply for EJWP. I hope to broaden my network and learn from colleagues in different branches of the water sector from various parts of Europe. I also look forward to joining the masterclasses to develop my soft skills.

My hobbies include sailing, biking and hiking. I like being outdoors and I value nature, especially the open waters when I’m sailing.

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