Meet Hetty KleinJan with CEBEDEAU, New Registrant for EJWP4 in Fall 2022

Hi everyone, my name is Hetty KleinJan and I am a young water professional specialized in aquatic microbiology. I have a particular interest in water quality and the surveillance thereof with innovative monitoring technologies.

You might say that the road to join the EJWP4, did commence after I obtained my doctorate in Marine Biology in 2018. At that time, I felt the need to change towards a role with a more direct impact on the protection of water resources.

So, luckily enough, I found a position as a R&D researcher at the CEBEDEAU, a research and expertise canter for water located in Wallonia, Belgium, with a long-standing expertise in water treatment (drinking water, municipal and industrial wastewater…). In my current role, I engage in diverse projects, each aimed at harnessing information from microbial parameters to improve the management of (waste) waters. Most projects are in direct collaboration with industrial partners, or with the technical consultants of the CEBEDEAU. Dealing with concrete questions and delivering realistic customer-oriented answers is an aspect that I appreciate very much.

The objectives of the EJWP program fit well with professional aspirations and my ideas on how water management issues should be ideally addressed. Natural resource protection, I believe, can be best achieved by looking outward and by connecting with other organisations, professionals, and stakeholders in and also outside our direct working area – we can and must learn from each other, build capacity, to be able to find sustainable solutions that are effective and also long-lasting.

During the EJWP program, I will continue my journey as a water professional. I hope to develop additional technical and soft skills that are complementary to my current know-how, and in that way form a foundation that is sufficiently rich to make an impactful contribution to the water sector.

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