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    Collaboration – Solutions – Impact: EJWP Projects with Partner Organizations

    Our EJWP teams cooperate closely with their European companies and institutions on projects addressing current sector challenges.  Our EJWP partner organizations are supported in setting up these group projects to…
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    EJWP Projects on Wetlands Protection & Aquatic Ecosystems Presented at Water Europe in Brussels

    EJWP Groups 2 and 3 came together in Brussels on 14 June to present their collaborative projects with partner organizations ACTeon Environment and Natuurpunt to the public. These presentations were…
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    Diverse Teams Working Together on Real Issues: EJWP Projects Coming to Brussels

    Co-creation in water and environmental projects is near the heart of the EJWP mission. Our participants work together – often for the first time in multinational teams – on objectives…
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    SMARTEN in Water Projects Europe

    The Water Projects Europe event took place online on 16 June in Water Innovation Europe 2021 with “Inclusive Governance for a Water-Smart society” as the key topic for this edition.…
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    Projects of EJWP1

    The participants of the EJWP also work together on assignments submitted by their employers. The participants learn a lot themselves, but the organizations where they work also benefit from their…
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    Milan Gocić in Water News Europe

    Milan Gocić from Serbia is part of the 7th group of the European Junior Water Programme (EJWP). He is sharing his expertise and insights in hydrological hazards especially drought with…
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    Ira Simionov from Romania is part of the 7th group of the European Junior Water Programme (EJWP). She is sharing her expertise and insights in water quality and technology with…
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    Agnieszka Cuprys on WatNex’s Croatian week

    The Croatian case study was an interesting journey of coming out of my comfort zone while doing the business plan for ecological stations. It was even more interesting when I…
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    Charting a Sustainable Future: Insights from WatNex’s Croatian Journey

    In the second quarter of the WatNex initiative, spanning from July 1 to September 30, 2023, the WatNex team diligently conducted research for the first case study, centered on the…
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    Webinar: Inter-discplinary work in the Water Sector

    Each month we are highlighting and presenting you our programmes through a micro training on different topics H2O-People has to offer. These topics are micro learnings from our programmes such…
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