An update from our Watnex project

An update from our Watnex project

This time, our journey takes us to Liège, Belgium , where EJWP4 participants are collaborating closely with Hetty KleinJan at CEBEDEAU, the Belgian institute committed to the mantra “Protect water, apply science”.

The week kicked off with a day filled with inspiring presentations and engaging activities. They’ve delved into the complexities of biodiversity mapping, exploring best practices and seeking ways to enhance these methodologies. Hands-on experience of sampling aquatic insects in Liège’s streams, offering a closer look at the local biodiversity. A captivating city tour of Liege, exploring its rich heritage and beauty. Engaging workshops on making strategic choices within project management and enhancing cross-boundary teamwork

A heartfelt thank you to CEBEDEAU for their warm hospitality. We’re excited for what the week holds. Our efforts in the WatNex activities are generously supported by the Fund for Bilateral Relations of EEA Grants and Norway Grants, for which we are immensely grateful.

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