Third online training week in September

This September, the third EJWP training week should have taken place in Norway. Unfortunately, we had to, once again, abandon hopes of meeting live, and continued our training week virtually.

Between the 14th to the 18th of September, the 8 EJWP participants followed online masterclasses, training sessions and presented their own work. We kicked off with individual presentations on each of the participant’s personal development plans, which was definitely not an easy task to work on during the summer. The development plans were the result of professional and personal introspection, following the personal branding trainings of the previous training week, and focusing on how each and every one of us can create impact with their work.

The training sessions of this week were on the topics of Consultancy and Negotiation. Skills that are necessary regardless of your job description. We all put our knowledge to the use of others, effectively taking a consultant position, and we all need to negotiate at one point or another, be it for a more favourable outcome in a project, or just for your salary.  The participants got to put the theory in practice in a few carefully designed role playing games, which at times were fun, at times challengingJ

Interspersed with the trainings, intervision, project presentations and new project kick-offs, were the masterclasses given by our newly appointed Ambassadors: Veronica Manfredi and Richard Elelman as well as economist Gonzalo Delacámara. About their masterclasses you can read in their dedicate news items.

We closed off the week with the kick off of the new projects, half of the participants working on Water in the Hydrogen Economy topic brought in by the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, and Towards A New Way Of Thinking And Learning In The Process Industry – Industrial Symbiosis And Energy Efficiency, brought in by Water Europe and H2OPeople, a joint project of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Looking forward to the next training week, and fingers crossed that we will be able to meet again live, healthy and well.


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