SMARTEN Multiplier Event: Surfing the Water-Energy Nexus can be Fun!

The second SMARTEN project multiplier event “Blended Workshop On SIM4NEXUS Serious Game” took place on 30 March in Brussels during Water Market Europe.  Attendees came from different parts of the water sector for practical discussions and testing of this full concept of the gamified digital workshop.

The agenda was simple but fully charged: A presentation of the SMARTEN project – and then playing SIM4NEXUS!  Through playing, participants explored a new interactive way to create various strategy maps for comparison of policy impacts in different regions in the water-energy-food nexus.  Digital collaboration tools including Mentimeter and Miro supported interaction during the meeting to help create a more hands-on and engaging learning experience. The serious game and supporting tools help link with the educational sector and providing avenues for lifelong learning.

EJWP Director, Naomi Timmer, and EJWP3 participants Nikolaos Mellios, and  Dimitris Kofinas facilitated an interactive session of the workshop by guiding participants in the game connection with the topics. “This workshop demonstrated real potential of reaching more stakeholders to practice strategies of managing resources in a changing climate. The method is to the point and effective, and it helps connect people in the learning experience,” said Naomi.

SIM4NEXUS is a computer-based serious game that aids learning about the nexus through helping users understand and explore the interactions between water, energy, land and food resources management. Gaming events are played out in a climate-change context, for players to divide game problems into manageable interventions, and then learn by doing.

This SMARTEN project workshop was held as part of Water Market Europe 2022, organized by EJWP partner organization Water Europe (WE). The WE website describes Water Market Europe as the event cycle that WE has set up to create a unique innovation and business environment, where state of the art water knowledge and research results can meet with market actors within and outside the water sector to create value and new business opportunities.

To find out more about SMARTEN and serious games, visit the project website:

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