OPPORTUNITY ALERT! For Organizations & Staff! Registration Open for Fall EJWP Group & Blue Innovation Track for Advanced Water Leaders

What more can your water-sector organization do to ensure that junior- to senior-level staff are equipped with the competencies to not only perform their work – but to effectively communicate on key topics and collaborate for impact where needed in the sector?

What more can you as an early-career, to more senior professional, do to ensure you are able to reach your full career potential in contributing to water-sector solutions – for the future of your community and your organization?

Take the first step: Registration is open until 7 July to join our EJWP group that will kick off in September with a Training Week in Croatia, hosted by the University of Zagreb, a partner organization that is currently sponsoring two EJWP participants from their staff.

EJWP builds knowledge, skills, and networks to strengthen the careers and organizations of young (<40 years yrs-old) water professionals. This is an opportunity to empower your organization and careers with our specialized:
• Personal & professional development
• Co-creation strategies and evaluation
• Project and self management
• Leadership and pro-active strategies
• Future century skills for sustainability

Want examples why NOW is the right time to seize this OPPORTUNITY to join EJWP? See highlights from our first two groups’ journeys in their interactive Journey Books.

Want to learn more about the EJWP Community & Programme?  Join our webinar on 30 May!  REGISTER HERE

Contact Naomi Timmer, EJWP Director <info@juniorwaterprogramme.eu>, to see how to begin equipping your staff and yourself with the extra skills and development that can make a BIG difference in all of our water future. EJWP is ready for you this FALL 2023!

AND here’s an OPPORTUNITY for the more experienced water officials! What more can you do to ensure that you have the right adaptive strategies and skill set to lead in an increasingly uncertain water and climate future? We are pleased to offer the Blue Innovation Track Advanced Leadership Programmewith  accelerated development, training and co-creation  to facilitate a collaborative approach to more purpose-driven leadership, team transformations and social impact for your position, and for the water sector.

You can register for Blue Innovation Track for Advance Water Leaders until 14 July to start the programme in September.

Explore why Blue Innovation Track matters for advanced leaders

Want to learn more about how Blue Innovation Track can benefit your leadership? Join our webinar on 5 June!

Contact Naomi Timmer, Director H2O-People, to see how to begin equipping your staff and yourself with the extra skills and development that can make a BIG difference in all of our water future. Blue Innovation Track is ready for you this FALL 2023!

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