LAST CALL for Advanced Leadership Spring 2023

Strategy & Tools for an Uncertain Future!

Registration for Blue Innovation Track for Advanced Water Leaders is open until 31 March!

You are good at what you do. Are you ready to explore the next levels of innovation and collaboration in water & environmental leadership?

1) Do you have a truly adaptive strategy to guide teams in an uncertain water future?
2) Are your leadership tools up-to-date for digitalization and augmented
3) Are your professional networks around Europe broad and deep enough to enable synergies to benefit your organization and communities served?
4) Are your personal & professional development levels set to maximize opportunities for staff who depend on your readiness in multi-disciplinary leadership?

If you recognize potential for your own development in the questions above, get in touch with H2O-People/EJWP Director Naomi Timmer to discuss a tailored schedule to future proof your leadership approach as much as possible. Blue Innovation Track is set to deliver methods, platforms and working strategy for all of our future!

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