European water partners launch European Junior Water Programme

Brussels, 15 March 2018

The, Nationaal Watertraineeship and Wetskills with the support of European water platform WssTP are launching a new young professional programme: European Junior Water Programme (EJWP). The programme will be officially launched at the Water Market Europe in Brussel on 22 March. The programme is based upon the successful Dutch Nationaal Watertraineeship, which already created a network of more than 200 active young professionals. The EJWP offers a unique two-year programme to prepare the next generation to tackle Europe’s water management challenges and develop a future-proof model for a Water-Smart Society, in which the value of water is recognized and exploited as a precious resource and a crucial lever for economic performance and business growth.

In the view of a future Water-Smart Society able to valorise the reuse of water as well as the valuable substances and energy in water for different purposes, the programme aims at building a community of talented water management professionals who share a deep commitment to addressing today’s and future water and climate change issues with a focus on Europe. It is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, tools and appropriate networks to find new solutions and share knowledge for creating and maintaining a sustainable and safe water management system for people and nature in Europe.

A boost for careers

The European Junior Water Programme is a two-year part-time programme to prepare junior professionals (2-8 yrs. work experience) for leadership in European water management. They learn about transcultural communication and cooperation, develop knowledge on European Water policies, Water Footprint, practice skills in leadership and create a unique network within the European context. EJWP is a great opportunity to boost a career in European water management.

For employers within the water management sector the European Junior Water Programme offers an opportunity to empower their junior professionals to bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, tools and networking power on a European level to their organization. It is an excellent way to create a network with other European water management organizations and strengthen your employer brand. Moreover, it provides you the opportunity to have a team of EJWP participants work on an integrated and tailor-made solution for a specific challenge your company faces. Innovation was never readier at hand!

Water in Europe

Water recognizes no boundaries, and neither does climate change. Bottom-up capacity building of the next generation water leaders of Europe is a necessary start to create a future proof Water-Smart Society. Our water to be clean, safe and available in abundance; and our cities and communities to be future-proof and climate change resilient. To ensure this Water Footprint Implementation joined the programme as knowledge partner to work together on a European Water-Smart Society in Europe.

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