Empowering Water Educators and Future Development in the SMARTEN Project Final Event

The final SMARTEN project event brought together all project partners for a three-day immersive experience from 6-8 June in Skiathos, Greece, to conclude the project and chart a course for future development. Rahsa Hassan represented H2O-People throughout the project and in the closing event. H2O-People has been the primary developer and multiplier of Lifelong Learning (LLL) approaches and tools in SMARTEN, including the Augmented Collaboration Toolkit and interactive training events throughout the project.

“I was thrilled to be part of the final SMARTEN project and final event, representing H2OPeople. It’s incredible to witness the fruits of our two-year journey come to life. I’m looking forward to exciting future opportunities, where we can continue to make waves and create a lasting impact in our field,” said Rasha.

The Augmented Collaboration Toolkit played a crucial role in facilitating effective communication and collaboration during the final event. Notably, the GroupMap platform was utilized during sessions to brainstorm on ideas and make informed decisions, fostering an inclusive and participatory environment.

The final SMARTEN event comprised three key events designed to demonstrate the maximization of collaboration, learning, and strategic planning:

  1. Multiplier Event “Blended Workshop on SIM4NEXUS Serious Game” in which participants were immersed in the world of SIM4Nexus, where learning and exploration came alive through serious game play. The event provided a unique opportunity to delve into the Water-Energy-Food-Land-Climate Nexus, offering insights and knowledge while fostering a positive learning experience.
  2. Training of Trainers on Serious Games in Water Curriculum (Train-the-trainer C2): Recognizing the importance of active digital teaching and learning, the SMARTEN project developed methodologies and tools that were shared in the training-of-trainers session. This specialized training empowered water educators in academia and lifelong learning to seamlessly integrate serious games into their curriculum. By arming these educators with cutting-edge approaches, the event aimed to enhance teaching methodologies and enable them to deliver impactful educational experiences.
  3. The crowning event of the gathering was the final transnational project meeting. The meeting served as a collaborative platform for drawing conclusions, development planning, and solidifying partnerships. The final meeting highlighted outcomes of the project and paved the way for strategic partnerships to the future trajectory of SMARTEN beyond the conclusion of the project.

H2O-People, with Rasha Hassan, Director Naomi Timmer and select EJWP participants, have collaborated over the last two years with higher education institute partners and other stakeholders to improve the quality of water-focused higher education by integrating digital collaboration tools such as HowSpace, GroupMap and Miro along with methodologies including InterVision peer coaching, Deep Democracy and intercultural communication. Masterclasses, trainings, and facilitation of events using the Toolkit have helped integrate it into the communication and dissemination approach of the project. EJWP was active in the project journey through implementing the transfer SMARTEN knowledge to young professionals.

For more information on the results of the project, visit the SMARTEN website.

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