EJWP Director Naomi Timmer Reappointed Water Europe Working Group Leader

We are pleased to announce that EJWP Director Naomi Timmer has been reappointed as leader of the Water Europe (WE) Working Group on Water and Human Capital.  Naomi will assume this role in the programming period of 2021-2024.

“This WE Working Group helps raise awareness and connect the human factor in European water management. This is also a step toward building a ore engaging and integrated water sector. I’m looking forward to working together with all members of WE in this exciting period to come,” said Naomi about the Working Group leadership role.

The scope of the WG Human Capital is described by WE to create sensitivity within the water sector to the human factor of the sector at European level and positioning the European water sector as a reference in this domain by the definition of a common agenda, creating possibilities and its level of expertise. In the appointment announcement, WE states that this is an interesting time for water. The EU agenda for a green and digital transition that ‘leaves nobody behind’ has brought forward a powerful political narrative and concrete opportunities to promote sustainable water management very much in line with Water Europe’s Vision for a Water-Smart Society.

EJWP works in partnership with Water Europe through areas including knowledge sharing and water sector networking. Each year, our participants join in the WE Water Innovation Europe Conference in Brussels to present awards, engage in masterclasses and to build connections in conference networking events.

The Water Europe mission is described on its website as striving to increase coordination and collaboration, to enhance the performance of the water service providers, water users, and technology providers, in a sustainable and inclusive way, and to contribute to solving water-related global challenges.

About Water Europe Working Groups

WE Working Groups (WGs) are the beating heart of Water Europe. As part of the WE Collaboration Programme, they are the operational level for members’ collaboration and coordination. On request, they also provide input to the WE Advocacy Programme and its WE Policy Advisory Committee (WE PAC) for the purpose of shaping the WE policy positions and responding to public consultations by the European Commission. For the WE programming period 2021-2024, WE has decided to organize its working groups in six clusters to support the strategic alignment of the WGs with the WE vision and strategy, to strengthen their impact and visibility, and to stimulate the coordination and collaboration between WGs.

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