Fighting Water Pollution During EU Green Week 2021

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In this video from EU Green Week 2021, Jo Bacallo, who is currently contributing to EJWP content, shines a light-hearted humour to engage with experts and policy makers on the serious topic of water pollution. The video focuses on the idea that the different dimensions of our planet are ailing and complaining with human-like emotions. As a result, the question is asked: What would they say to the existing pollutants on top of all the pressures of the pandemic?

In this context, Jo advocates that intergenerational and interindustry dialogues on water are more relevant than ever, and results need to be a part of our daily practices both as experts and young water professionals. Water dialogues provide fresh perspectives on current ideas and help lead to problem solving with new dynamics. This is especially true for young water professionals who are finding themselves in an ever-changing environment that requires continuous adaptation in their deliverables. These young people need wisdom from their mentors and new tools that will eventually guide them in their water careers.

Jo said, “Youth are naturally inclined to be creative and collaborative, which makes a collective strength for hope and continuity to engage. The European Junior Water Programme provided me a safe space to express myself in a way which I can communicate about water and climate with interactive visuals that can connect in effective ways with younger audiences.”

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