“Towards a new way of thinking and learning in the Process Industry, EJWP1 Project with H2O-People


Client: Water Europe and H2O People
EJWP1: September – December 2020

Participants: Loïc Charpentier, Rhys Hellin, Mathilde De Jongh, Martha Bjarnar Gjermo

Project Description

In February 2020 started the Erasmus + SPIRE -SAIS project which aims to identify the skills needed in several sectors, including the water one, for implemented industrial symbiosis processes. H2O People and Water Europe, as members of the consortium, needed some advice on how to behave within this project and also gather some information on the VETs in the water sector and the concept of industrial symbiosis in the water sector.  


The project was a desktop research to identify VETs programmes and literature for the participation of Water Europe and H20 people within the SAIS-SPIRE project. The agile method used during the project helped the group to work closely with the client in order to identify clearly the objectives and create the best outcome possible within the framework of the SPIRE project on the behalf of Water Europe and H20 People. 


In addition to the advices provided along the project activities, the research ran during this project has stressed several outcomes. The group has identified several examples within Water Europe membership and also in Europe of good examples. Moreover, the desk research has also highlighted the difficulties to fit the terminology in the energy with the water sector one, particularly between industrial symbiosis and the value in water. The initial result was also modify to fit with the reality, preferring regular meeting with the client rather than a final report which might risk to be out of the time framework. 


The result of this research will be used in the WP 3 and 4 of the SPIRE-SAIS project. Moreover, Water Europe and H2O People will continue to build their participation up in this project based on the outcomes of the research with the objective to develop a specific VET programme on industrial symbiosis in the water sector. 

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