From Water Directives to create an equal level of protection in the 1980s, to Water policy today as part of the leading EU project of the European Green Deal, Masterclass

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Masterclass by Joachim D’EUGENIO, European Commission – Directorate General for the Environment, Policy Assistant ‘Quality of Life’ – 25 November 2020

Part of the WARMING UP of EJWP2 was a Masterclass of Joachim. He took participants back to the start to understand the position of water at the early stages of the European project, and then to the current initiatives and position of water in the Green Deal and other water policies. Much was learned in his 3-part session on Directives, Impact Assessments, Zero Pollution, Ambitions, Action Plans, Open Consultation processes, and about other important acronyms like WFD, DWD, DG env, UWWTD, SSD, and JRC.

What is our take away from the session? The European policy process is open to access and transparent, but through its diversity and complexity, it is often challenging to enter for those who want to contribute.

Dive into the complexity, one step at the time!

The EU project is not dictated from the European Commission or “Brussels,” it’s up to all of you in your communities to take up the reins of this generational project!

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