EJWP1 Participant: Martha Bjarnar Gjermo

Aqua Alarm, Environmental, Resource and Development economist.

I am a young professional, working as a business developer consultant and analyst at Aqua Alarm AS. I completed a master in climate, resource and development economics from the University of Oslo spring 2018, where I developed a model to consider socioeconomic effects of different monitoring concepts for drinking water. I am currently working with business development and analytics regarding drinking water management and sensors for continuous monitoring of water quality.

My primary motivation for participation is to learn more about the water industry, and to increase my competence within this field. I do also believe that my socioeconomic background, and especially resource economics, might be of interest for the other participants, and that I might add a different perspective to the group. Establishing new connections within the European water industry and understanding more about emerging innovations, solutions and techniques to solve emerging problems, water scarcity, unknown pollution and climate changes on a European level is something I hope to achieve through this program.

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