“European Water Stars”, EJWP1 Project with H2O-People

AwarenessHuman CapitalWater Governance

Client: H2O People
EJWP1: March – June 2020

Participants: Loic Charpentier, Ioana Dobrescu, Martha Bjarnar Gjermo and Hedviga Horvathova

Project Description

Since 2018, the EJWP initiated a quest for watersector ambassadors at EU level. The initiative, dubbed European Water Stars, ran for 2 years and appointed 3 personalities as EWS. H2O People now wanted to breathe new life into the initiative and align it closer to its own goals. The aim of the project was now to attract and engage international water-sector experts that can bring an added value to the EJWP in terms of knowledge and visibility, and raise the importance of Water as a sector at European and international level.


The project drew upon the results of the first phase of the Eurpean Water Stars initiative and consisted of team brainstorming sessions on the best way to re-launch the initiative. Team members also organized brainstorm sessions and consulted with external experts and the Human Capital Working Group of Water Europe. A strategy was developed and first implementation steps were taken.


The project team came up with a more sustainable approach to the EWS. Instead of a separate initiative, the EJWP will continue the work on raising awareness on water at EU level by identifiying, selecting and engaging with water experts. These experts will be appointed as EJWP Ambassadors by each EJWP group. For the current EJWP1 batch, 3 Ambassadors were identifyied and appointed. A blueprint for Ambassador profile, roles, selection and engagement during appointment was developed for the client.


The new format of EWS/ EJWP Ambassadors will be self-sustaining through the contribution of each EJWP batch of participants and EJWP staff. The initiative will continue to be developed with the support of partner organizations such as Water Europe.

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