Local EJWP participants: Carla and Chiara

Chiara Brioschi and Carla Lanzini are both working in the Waste Water Treatment Division of MM Spa, a public-owned company responsible for water services in the city of Milan in Italy. Chiara and Carla were guest participants in the European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) Lombardia Training Week in January with EJWP groups 3 and 4. They combined their thoughts on this experience and are convinced participating in EJWP can lead to better business results.

We asked both some questions, and these are their answers.

What was it like to participate in the EJWP training week?

“Participation in this training week was very interesting because it was an opportunity to get to know other European people in our sector with whom we could exchange ideas and knowledge. Since it was focused mainly on soft skills, the training raised our awareness of the importance of communication for a better dialogue with colleagues, which also leads to better results at work. The role-play of building a bridge was fun, because the team’s qualities of collaboration, time management, team organization and different stress management had emerged.”

What value would you expect to bring to your organization and your career from external training and cooperation like in EJWP?

“Initiatives such as the EJWP are an additional opportunity for organisations to make themselves better known on a European level. Since master’s sessions are organised in different European countries, participants have the opportunity to see new plants and applied technologies and discuss the challenges and opportunities of the sector. By participating in this master’s course, employees of companies can improve their communication, collaboration and organizational skills, leading to a more efficient working climate and better business results.”

What are the benefits and/or challenges of a European water sector network?

“Being part of a network in your sector is an opportunity to meet new people, share ideas or for possible future international collaborations on topics of common interest or to exchange best practices. Sharing past experiences can also inspire others and learn from mistakes or successes.”

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