Water-Smart Bootcamp Happening 19-22 June at Water Innovation Europe with Water Europe

The EJWP Water-Smart Bootcamp kicked off on Monday as part of the Water Innovation Europe 2023 (WIE) Conference with Water Europe. We are using the opportunity of WIE to organize this connected Bootcamp to bring young professionals together from different organization members and countries, also with a variety of expertise.

Connecting the achievements of the Working Group Human Capital, Water Europe, WIE and the UN Water Conference 2023 is not only setting the sector agenda for the next generation, but also making sure to include them in decision-making. To achieve this, it is important to be inviting, empowering and sustainable in methods of engagement for young professionals.

The Bootcamp includes two personal development workshops on personal leadership and inter-cultural communication, masterclasses on Water Europe, and the WIE Conference with different parts of its programme including policy.  The core aims of the Bootcamp are:

  • Create impact in the sector
  • Connect participants and organizations
  • Learn with and from each other
  • Have fun in collaboration
Why is this important for the young professionals participating? See the reactions:
“To be able to find my way, how do I fit in and engage on a conference like WIE, to learn how I can contribute and create impact.”
“To understand better what kind of expectations seniors have and what skills I need to further develop myself.”
“How can I support with knowledge and skills change, and in which direction is this change needed?”
“To understand better the impact that specific knowledge can have in the real world.”
“We started our jobs in COVID time, when it was still hard to get to know people, and find a place to belong and matter.”
“Finding different angles, views and perspectives, especially integration and inclusion of the thinking of younger generations.”
Are you interested in organizing an EJWP Water-Smart Bootcamp at your event or organization? Get in touch! info@juniorwaterprogramme.eu

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