The European Water Stars initiative gets a new home

In 2018, three organizations focused on youth and young professionals’ development in the water sector came up with the idea for the European Water Stars. These organizations were the Dutch National Water Traineeship, the Wetskills Water Foundation and the European Junior Water Programme. All three recognized the need for awareness raising on water issues among citizens, but especially among youth, in order to attract them to the water sector and instil passion for the topic itself. But how can awareness be raised? What is the best way to reach people who are not already interested in water, who don’t already study the topic or work in the field? How do we reach those take water on the tap for granted and whose awareness is the most valuable?  One answer is by having Ambassadors. Public figures who are not necessarily experts in the field, preferably active in an entirely different sector, but who can speak about the importance of water in what they do, and hence raise its visibility among their own networks.

A small team of young professionals took up the idea and set on a quest to find so-called European Water Stars. The quest was finalized at the beginning of this year, having appointed 3 personalities as water stars. You can view who they are and what they have to say here:

The quest was completed, but the mission and vision behind the EWS initiative is not yet achieved. This is why the European Junior Water Programme has asked a team of 4 of its 8 participants to build on the results so far and come up with a new framework to allow the initiative to follow its mission on the long term. As a result, the EJWP will now search for its own Ambassadors and will continue to ‘host’ awareness raising initiatives and efforts under the European Water Stars moniker.

If you think raising awareness on water is important, join us in our efforts. Contact for how to get involved.

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