The EJWP2 will kick off 23 November

In a rapid changing world, the water sector needs to adapt and transform; to climate change, circularity, digitalization and to the changing labour market. Young professionals are the key to these transformations. The EJWP programme develops talent and creates the next generation water leaders.

For you, it is an easy way to provide a talent programme for young professionals and support flexibility and personal development within your organization. Equip your organisation for the needed transformations. Develop young talent, empower your personnel and make sure you can keep your talents within your organization. Create access to innovation and access to a network of young talents around Europe. And become a better employer brand, an attractive organisation to new talent.

The first step of this journey is to contact Naomi Timmer and sign up with one or more of your young professionals.

The EJWP2 will kick off 23 November, so sign up by October 16!

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