SPIRE-SAIS Project in Mid-Term Conference Calls for an industrial-driven change

The SPIRE-SAIS project held its mid-term General Assembly on 8 – 9 June in Brussels and online. Discussions focused on areas including the need to promote an industrial-driven change to support lifelong learning and education in industrial symbiosis and energy efficiency needs, and to create the connection throughout industrial human resources building to create more and better knowledge on these topics. Social innovation and cross-sectoral collaboration were also flagged as crucial in objectives.

Another point in the project GA was that actions and measures at different levels are needed to move forward, and to achieve goals within the EU Green Deal and upskilling the workforce. Project partners also discussed the main challenges and next steps for a stronger integration of stakeholders in the rollout, and for developing an online training platform on industrial Symbiosis and energy efficiency. EJWP could be seen an example of best practices in collaboration associated with these topics and goals.

SPIRE-SAIS is designed to address possible shortages of future skills in energy-intensive industries, while providing EU citizens with the necessary skill sets for future jobs. Industrial symbiosis has been described as networks of diverse organizations fostering eco-innovation and culture change to improve business and technical processes.

SPIRE-SAIS is connected with EJWP in its aim to address future issues in areas including the water, environmental and education sectors, and how developing an intergenerational approach that includes young people can contribute to more productive systems of operation. H2OPeople, the parent organization of EJWP, is a partner in SPIRE-SAIS.

For more information, visit the SPIRE-SAIS website: https://www.aspire2050.eu/

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