SPIRE-SAIS Mid-Term Conference Looks into an Energy Efficient Future

The SPIRE-SAIS midterm conference recently powered up on the theme: “A Cross-Sectoral Skills Strategy for Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency – Empowering the European Industry to contribute to the green transition.” The online event on 3-4 March included expert speakers from the different sectors of the SPIRE-SAIS project strategizing on ways to keep workforce expertise relevant and in-demand in a future of changing energy systems.

EJWP Director Naomi Timmer presented her views in the “SPIRE-SAIS Blueprint Prototype” session of the conference. Her core message focused on the vital role of mainstreaming young professionals’ perspectives as a part of industries in the SPIRE-SAIS blueprint. Naomi pointed out the need of attracting new and young talent into industries, and then retaining these talents to support innovative and sustainable solutions. “Technology is evolving in greener directions, being pushed by still unpredictable challenges brought on by a changing climate and emerging innovations. We’re working in SPIRE-SAIS, also through EJWP, to help ensure that especially young professionals in the water, environmental and energy sectors will be ready – and in demand – for future industry needs,” said Naomi.

Collaboration across the different sectors can come from inspiring and training talents not only on the technical skills, but also on professional and personal skills to be successful in their roles. This can build bridges and common understanding on the challenges, required skills and opportunities to move forward on the Green Deal and the climate-neutral strategy 2050. EJWP further contributes to building a European community of young water professionals by bringing together young talents from different backgrounds and countries in the water sector to vet pressing issues related to water management around Europe. This programme also works on knowledge creation and transfer which enables young professionals to learn about challenges and solutions and transfer them to their sector and organizations in different countries.

For more information, visit the SPIRE-SAIS website at: www.aspire2050.eu/sais

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