SMARTEN Project Toolkit is on Its Way With an (Inter)Vision

The first version of the SMARTEN Augmented Collaboration Toolkit is now ready and being circulated among partners for fine tuning before launch. This toolkit is a combination of collaborative skills development and digital collaboration methods.  

The InterVision peer-to-peer coaching methodology is part of the collaborative skills development of the toolkit. InterVision is a structured consultation of a small group of equal professionals. In other words, it is peer coaching to support peer review as a way to sharpen professional expertise and to boost personal performance. Other elements of the toolkit include Deep Democracy and the Cultural Mapping tool. 

SMARTEN is an Erasmus+ project based on serious gaming models, to support digital transition and readiness, with focus on higher education, professional training, and the water sector. The SMARTEN consortium had their first meeting in 2022 to kick off a year of activities and events, and the second face-to-face transnational meeting is planned for Water Market Europe in March.  

If you would like to know more about these tools or about the benefits of organizing a SMARTEN workshop, contact Naomi Timmer at 

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