Project Start: Best practices and solutions applied in Europe to ensure cities more resilient against climate change

One of the assignments that the EJWP will carry out in the next weeks came from Isle Utilities. EJWP-er Rosa Esposito, Technology Consultant at Isle Utilities, is working on the project with Mathilde de Jongh (The Netherland) and Martha Bjarnar Gjermo (Norway).

Cities and urban areas face a growing range of challenges from the effects from climate change to growing populations and from decreased biodiversity to inadequate infrastructure; in particular the climate change is adding pressure to the management and control of water in the cities. Resilience is what helps to adapt and transform in the face of these challenges. It is now time for action: on policy making, planning and implementation. During the project EJWP participants will work on best practices and technology implementation on relevant case studies for Italy, Norway and The Netherland.

The results will be presented in Wales in March.

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