New EJWP2 Project: Toward an Inclusive Water-Smart Society in the Future Workplace

EJWP2 Participants have launched a project facilitated by H2O People to create a roadmap following up on outcomes of the New Waves Festival 2022: The Future Workplace of European Water. The festival identified major issues and opportunities in the vision of the future European water workplace. This new project will explore elements of  1) individual leadership and paths 2) sector relationships with organizations, networks and leaders 3) larger communities that will be impacted through digitalization, nexus thinking and education.

The project will be an intergenerational, intercultural research of event results and publications in the sector. EJWP2 will conduct interviews within their organizations and with selected stakeholders to identify approaches with solid potential of supporting effective and inclusive future workplaces that take into account changing sector needs and skills. Stakeholders in this project and the New Waves initiative include Water Europe and the Working Group on Human Capital, the co-creators of New Waves, the NEXUSNET community, the SMARTEN project community and the Value of Water UN2023 program. Results of this 3-month project will be shared in September during the EJWP2 Training Week at De Watergroep in Belgium. Stay tuned!

Click for the REPORT from the New Waves Festival 2022

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