Naomi Timmer Leads Summer School at University of Exeter for WATERLINE Project

H2O-People / EJWP Director Naomi Timmer led two days of “summer school” instruction last month at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom for consortium members of the WATERLINE EU-funded project. The training on 29-30 August included intercultural communication and personal leadership.

“Over two interesting and enjoyable days, we focused on how co-designing & generating ideas come from illumination of different approaches and partners,” said Naomi about the summer school instruction.

The summer school training program was aimed at providing valuable insights and practical strategies that are relevant to the WATERLINE project’s goals and objectives. The two-day course was not only designed to be informative but also engaging and interactive, which created a more rich learning experience.

Intercultural communication and personal leadership are integral aspects of WATERLINE, especially given its international and collaborative nature. The summer school training equipped members of the consortium with refreshed skills and tools to navigate the complexities of working across different cultures, with use of effective leadership strategies.

“As we move forward with the WATERLINE project, I have no doubt that the knowledge and skills gained from Naomi’s summer training sessions will continue to benefit us in numerous ways, from enhancing our communication within the team to fostering better collaboration with our international partners. The depth of knowledge and passion she brought to the topics were evident throughout the training, and it greatly contributed to the overall success of the event,” said Edwin Zammit,  Principal Investigator of WATERLINE, with the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (MCAST).

Selected takeaways from participants in the summer school sessions with Naomi included: “Personal management exercises enabled the most beneficial and self-revealing paths. Thinking outside the box while solving problems, while not blindly obeying the rules. The outdoor exercises were also great!” – and – “The workshop was a gold mine of insights. I’m enthusiastic about integrating these valuable takeaways.”

WATERLINE aims to create a European Digital Water Higher Education Institution (HEI) Alliance, leading to the development of the Alliance’s research, educational and entrepreneurship capacities. This is intended to leverage the individual, institutional and regional resources required for a transformative structural and sustainable learning and innovation environment.

Visit the WATERLINE website for more information on the project and partners.

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