Meet the Participants: Isle Utilities

Isle Utilities is taking part in the first edition of the EJWP to strengthen their network of collaboration throughout Europe, and to build long-lasting professional relationships with peers. The aspect of personal development and the possibility to receive input to a joint project are at least equally important.

As an international consultancy that aims to connect technologies with end users at a global scale, having an active network in different countries and being aware of local needs and opportunities is paramount. Through the EJWP Isle staff is able to connect directly with a diverse group of professionals which will likely stay peers throughout their career. This will be a basis for future collaborations and projects which can now not even be foreseen and will ultimately lead to more capacity for solving the common water challenges Europe and the world are facing.

Training and professional development is another important reason to join the program: The diversity of courses and well-structured curriculum delivered by professional trainers is an unparalleled package that would be hard to arrange otherwise. Having these courses taught to a group specifically from the water sector is an added value in itself.

Isle is currently hosting the EJWP group at our Italian office and has kicked off the internal project – looking at how urban resilience is tackled in the participants’ home countries. For the newly founded Urban Resilience Technology Approval Group (UR-TAG) this project is a unique opportunity to gain insights and inspiration. The project is made up of desktop research on lighthouse-type case studies as well as specific stakeholder interviews. Isle will use this input to further refine the forum, it’s format and content in order to best address the needs of European water utilities and cities on their way to water security and urban resilience even in extreme climatic scenarios.

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