Meet our trainer: Jennifer Cronick

My name is Jennifer Cronick. If you participate in the European Junior Water Programme, you’ll meet me as the main trainer in the professional skills and personal development trainings.

I’ve been a trainer and coach since 1996 in many different types of organizations, different (management) levels and different cultures. I decided to specialize in the technical sector because the focus on ‘improving and innovating’ that it typical for technical types, appeals to me.

My own focus is on how I can help these people, teams and organizations to realize their goals. By increasing (self)awareness, facilitating collaborations and by developing skills that make difficult situations more manageable. I usually work on the fringe of where the content meets with skills and personality. Where there is need to convey not only the right message, but to do it in such a way that others can understand it and become enthusiastic about it. To be understood, usually requires understanding the other as well. How to get from 1+1= 0 to 1+1=3? (As a psychologist I have a different view on calculating).

The programme is meant for young people who already have a few years of working and training experience and who work in a context that is complex. Complex means that there are no simple answers. That you have to deal with multiple stakeholders, that the outcomes of decisions are unsure and influenced by many different aspects. How do you manage such a situation? How do you make decisions? How do you work together?

In this programme we’ll be dealing with all such issues. Both by working together in projects and by trying out new strategies and skills. You will get te know eachother, yourself, the European Water world and the cultural (dis)similarities much better.
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