Meet EJWP3 Participants: Mirela and Lander

We are so happy to have a dynamic and diverse third group of EJWP participants beginning this month. Our two featured newcomers this newsletter are Mirela Sertić Perić from Croatia and Lander Wantens from Belgium. Mirela is an Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology in Croatia.  Lander is a Project Manger on climate issues with the Natuurpunt NGO in Mechelen, Belgium.

Mirela has an MSc in biology and chemistry, and PhD in ecology, environmental and conservation biology. Her research interests cover freshwater ecology, including stream macroinvertebrates; hydromorphological, anthropogenic and global change influences on the structure of aquatic ecosystems; ecology of alpine/glacier-fed streams; and urban stream ecology. She participates in biology education research and developing teaching content for pre-service biology and chemistry teachers, and has been involved in scientific projects on freshwater ecology.

Lander has a BSc in environmental awareness, and wrote his thesis on fish migration on the Flemish waterways. At Natuurpunt, Lander is working on the Wetlands4Cities project, with the aim of developing at least  five urban wetlands in Flanders over the next two years. He is also involved in the Curieuzeneuzen project, a citizen science research initiative to measure heat and drought, in cooperation with the University of Antwerp.

“I believe that networking within the vibrant and diverse EJWP community, including the recognized experts on European water issues, will further improve my skills and knowledge for water research, and in passing on the importance of water resources management to younger generations,” said Mirela.

“I am looking forward to seeing how different countries and organizations are working on their specific water issues, and to exchanging knowledge and expertise. The EU policy is also especially interesting, as we will be working with EJWP colleagues from around Europe with different backgrounds,” said Lander.

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