Maria Cristina Pasi Surprised and Honored to Become Member of EJWP Ambassador Team

We are happy to welcome Maria Cristina Pasi from Milan, Italy, as EJWP Ambassador. Maria Cristina was a lead organizer of our Lombardia Training Week for EJWP groups 3 and 4 in January, with MM Spa in Milan, Italy. EJWP participants gathered for their final Training Week dinner at which they were proud and exited to extend a surprise invitation for Maria Cristina to become their EJWP Ambassador.

“The training week was a fantastic experience, a learning experience not only for juniors actually. Experiencing together is a unique way to overcome barriers, accelerate the individual, organizations and European territorial progress from human capital and other perspectives.  This was a confirmation for me as I have always believed in this way of management and behavior. The dynamics between the macro and micro topics’ approach during EJWP workshops sessions is relevant. This is useful indeed also with the mixture of small and big industries which activates enriching human development paths. My initial idea for EJWP was to observe as an outsider, but being part at 100% level was a good decision!” said Maria Cristina.

EJWP participants are connected not only with professional networks, but also leading voices of the water sector represented in our EJWP Ambassadors team. Our Ambassadors are from organizations and government departments around Europe, and they share their experience with participants for a view on thought and policy leadership in the water sector.

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