Live, Online and “FASTER” – See What Naomi Timmer & H2O People Have Been Doing So Far This Fall

Live events

Naomi Timmer, the Director of H2OPeople and EJWP, has been a key contributor in live events in Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as in online forums for related projects. See what is happening!

Aquatech exhibition in Amsterdam was held from 3 – 5 November. Naomi reflected on her attendance saying, “It was my pleasure to attend this key event and have the opportunity to reconnect and see our partners again in person. Such a great networking opportunity and looking forward to the next Aquatech in2023!”

Water Knowledge Europe- Autumn Edition (WKE 2021): This edition was unique as it was held in a live setting after numerous online editions due to Covid restrictions. The plenary sessions took place in Brussels where the attendees shared projects ideas and contributed to the next work programme of HEU 2023-2024. Networking and new opportunities were the main outcomes of this event. “It’s always great to meet partners from all over Europe and work on integrating the human capital approach in the brainstorming process of the upcoming projects,” said Naomi.

Online presentations

Human Capital Working Group (HC WG) meeting during (WKE 2021) which was held virtually on 8 November. Leaders of this working group, Naomi Timmer and Zakhar Maletskyi, presented on activities including:

  • Submission of the white paper “The Future of Human Capital in Support of a Water-Smart Society”
  • Setting the bi-annual plan 2021-2023
  • HC WG contribution to other WGs WE white papers (Agrifood, ICT, NBS and WDI WGs)
  • Updates on SMARTEN and EJWP

FASTER Conference: Naomi Timmer joined as a key speaker in the final event of FASTER on 20 October where she presented EJWP as a European programme that contributes in building leadership and strengths in the personal development of European young water professionals.

Other activities:

The need for virtual facilitation using Howspace in the hybrid environment

The hybrid environment is a grand challenge for team building, so leaders need to get advice and best practices for leading hybrid teams from a range of experts. Naomi joined other experts in providing tips, and she showed the importance of asking relevant questions to engage the attendees, as well as asking for feedback in a form of check-in and check-out questions. At the moment, H2O People is experimenting with online collaboration tools through SMARTEN and EJWP, and exploring the learning opportunities in deep democracy workshops.

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Global Youth Climate Network: Climate Action Position Paper

Naomi supported the process of writing the Climate Action Position Paper as a sector and industry expert through a previous interview with the Global Youth Climate Network (GYCN) team. This paper was launched recently to contribute to the global climate agenda at COP26 through active youth engagement. It outlines major challenges and required climate actions across seven thematic areas: economic recovery and climate finance, energy, transport, agriculture and food, cities, private sector innovation, and climate education.

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