Introducing Blue Innovation Track for Advanced Water Leaders

You are an experienced and capable leader in your sector. And are you sufficiently prepared to reach the next levels of leadership innovation and adaptation to lead in an uncertain future of natural resources?  

H2O-People is proud to introduce the new future-focused development initiative designed for advanced leaders of water and environmental organizations. Blue Innovation Track for Advanced Water Leaders is a training and co-creation platform to sharpen the scope and impact of leadership practices to adapt more productively in a changing future of natural resources and climate impacts. 

This is a unique development platform for:  

  • Mid-to-high level officials in the water, environmental and interdependent sectors. 
  • Leaders seeking to expand their strategic tools and raise performance standards. 
  • Managers keen to learn and experiment in the sector with their counterparts. 

Are you ready to explore the next level? 

Participants will immerse themselves in innovative practices of leadership development to benefit team objectives and their organizations’ contribution to future resilience.  Through course interaction, Blue Innovation Track will create a social learning community to generate a new wave of teamwork and impact across European boundaries.  

What can you expect in Blue Innovation Track? Target knowledge and professional tools will be applied through professional skills development; knowledge transfer; and social learning through community development. 

The course offers 5 professional training days on: 

  • Advanced leadership strategy  
  • Leading through complexity 
  • Dealing with situation emotions 
  • Leading in the unknown and volatile 
  • Inclusive team building for impact 
  • And 3 guided InterVision (Peer Coaching) sessions, plus “Innovation Sprints” exercises based on individual cases and needs 

Focused on success in the future European workplace 

Blue Innovation Track is a result of multi-stakeholder collaboration at our European Junior Water Programme/H2O People New Waves Festival 2022 in Brussels, that combined insights on the needs of the future water and environmental workplace. Our team is well positioned to tackle a range of questions that advanced leaders need to take into account in a highly interdependent and complex workplace of the future. 

“During New Waves Festival it became clear that creating the workplace of the future also means a change for all generations in the water sector. With EJWP we focus on a adaptive, creative and communicative mind-sets of young professionals with good connections from different angles of the sector. Their leaders also wanted that! Therefore we created the Blue Innovation Track to be able to do it all together!” said Naomi Timmer, Director of EJWP & H2O People.

How do we guide professionals through various scenarios of uncertainties? How can we create a positive flow of knowledge transfer and development through a more holistic approach? What innovations can carry organizations and the sector forward? Participants will be professionally engaged through these considerations to generate strategy-based solutions ready to be applied and tested for future situations.  

The provisional schedule begins with 6-12 participants in each group, starting with 2 online days on 24-25 November, then 3 online InterVision sessions between December 2022 – April 2023, and a 5-day face-to-face specialized Boot Camp in May 2023 in the Netherlands. A tuition fee of €7,500 (excl. tax) covers the full course, except for travel costs to and from the Netherlands for the Boot Camp.  

For more information and registration, contact Naomi Timmer at

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